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Inspiration de design Qui sommes-nous? I'm looking for a new logo for the Adoption.

New logo wanted for Adoption.com rebrand

I'm looking for new colors as part of this new logo design. Our primary market are women between the ages of 30 and 50 who want to adopt, but the logo needs to work for other people too, such as adoptive fathers and women placing children for adoption.

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Our audience is more educated, sophisticated and affluent. This logo will be used on mobile devices as much or more than it will be used on desktop computers.


We don't want logo doption icon to be a couple with a baby because that does not represent all of our audience, such as singles who adopt, birthparents or adoptees. In selecting a font, think more of a san-serif font for sophisticated and stylish women, and not a baby-style font.

Branding and Logo Design, Matt Rappaport, YouTube Creator Institute

Logo doption would be nice if the logo conveyed the message "a home for every child" or the passion and emotion surrounding adoption, but that is not a requirement. The font needs to be completely legible, and leave no room for people misspelling the name after seeing the logo. The logo needs to scale well to small icons and mobile devices and large billboards.

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I would prefer no more than two colors in the logo. The name in the logo needs to include the entire "Adoption.

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We hope that the selected designer will help with upcoming deliverables and will strive for a long term relationship. Le brief créatif Types de logo à explorer Le brief créatif.

Inviter à collaborer Commentaire client Work with Transformed Design was great! Any little thing I wanted to try or experiment with was done in a timely manner and I was able to get everything I wanted. Some designers I would have to ask for the same thing more than once but not with Transformed Design I would get what I asked for the first time I would ask for something on every idea or design change. JourneyIntoAbundance Que se passe-t-il à la fin d'un concours?