Volumes sur options

Comment alors interpréter ces volumes?

Partager Bitcoin spot volume may have been low this week, but the real action in crypto has been in the options market and decentralized finance. At UTC on Friday p. Its volumes sur options is now below its day and day moving averages — a bearish signal for market technicians who study charts.

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CME is a venue professional commodities traders use for different futures and options strategies. Curve is a decentralized exchange, or DEX, that launched earlier this year. Many well-capitalized traders say DEXes are slow and have low liquidity, making it difficult to execute large trades.

Tous les actifs financiers échangés sur une place boursière ou de gré à gré présentent des volumes. Les données définitives exactes ne peuvent en effet être présentées que le lendemain.

However, the growth of stablecoin-heavy Curve and other DEXes as an alternative to the centralized spot and derivative crypto exchanges may allow many traders, over the long-term, to develop exciting new DeFi-based strategies.

Significant losers include dash DASH in the red 2.

volumes sur options

The lone cryptocurrency winner on the day is ethereum classic ETC up 3. All price changes were as of UTC p. Lire la suite In commodities, oil jumped 1.

volumes sur options

Gold is up 1. The Nikkei of publicly traded companies in Japan ended trading up 0.

volumes sur options

The U. Treasury bonds all slipped Friday. Related Stories.

volumes sur options